Best Sports Equipment for Nerf Battlers

Nerf Guns are the main weapon for all Nerf Battlers and Fighters. Every kid knows the importance of nerf gun in Nerf Mission. We have found some Sports Equipment which are useful to Kids in Nerf Battles. When you have Nerf Gun with accessories, you can fight any battle. The sports equipment will not upgrade your blaster, but it will improve you, the battler.

There are many sports equipment available in market. Such Sports Equipment includes Nerf Car, Nerf Tactical Vest, Nerf Walkie Talkie, Nerf Eyeglasses, Nerf Face Mask and many more. You need to choose the best ones as per your mission requirement. After buying the sports equipment, you can use them in any nerf mission and make your way to victory.

Best Sports Equipment for Nerf Battlers

Here we provide some best sports equipment for nerf battles as follows:

Nerf Go Kart (Nerf Car)

Nerf Go Kart is an Nerf Car for Outdoor Battles. Elder kids love to play Nerf Battles at outdoor places. Sometimes, the distance between two teams or battlers is much longer. Therefore, the kids should use Nerf Battle Racer Car to go ahead in long nerf mission. Nerf Car can be run by pedaling and holding the steering. The Nerf Go Kart has four rubber tyred wheels, so it can run on all types of roads with flat surface.

Nerf Tactical Vest (Nerf Jacket)

Nerf Tactical Vest is a kind of jacket for nerf battlers. The kid can wear the tactical vest as a jacket and keep some equipment on it. The tactical vest is capable to hold extra dart clips, additional darts and some small nerf guns. The kids should keep the extra dart clips loaded for quick reloading in middle of the nerf mission.

Nerf Walkie Talkies

Nerf Walkie Talkies are useful for Nerf Battlers playing in teams. When four kids are playing as red team v/s blue team, they need an equipment to talk. The kids can use the Nerf Walkie Talkies to talk to their team mate and make plan for a secret attack on the opposite team. By talking on walkie talkie the battlers would know how much firepower they have to fight in the nerf battle.

Nerf Shoulder Strap

Nerf Shoulder Strap is useful to carry lots of extra darts during Nerf Battle. Elder kids wear such shoulder strap and keep the extra darts ready for reloading at anytime.

Nerf Target Board/Circle

Kids who are beginners in the nerf world, are advised to buy target board or circle. The Nerf Target Circle is very useful to practice shooting at home. The kids can improve their shooting range and accuracy by practicing on target circle everyday.

Nerf Eyeglasses and Face Mask

All the kids should wear the Eyeglasses and Face Mask while playing an Nerf Battle. No matter how experienced the kid is, these safety wears are highly recommended for everyone. Nerf eyeglasses and face mask protect kids’ eyes and face from a direct hit by nerf darts.

As an Nerf Battler, you should use all these sports equipment in nerf battle. You will be more flexible and powerful with such equipment and your favorite nerf blaster.